Friday, December 28, 2007

The History

Well, the Mair family now resides in the Tucson area and will be here awhile. We had been in Mesa since 1998 where Keith and I met. We bought our first home after a year of marriage and lived in it for five years where we brought into the world 3 darling children, Carissa, Daniel, and Ariana. It was shortly after Ariana was born Keith was deployed to Iraq. We were very lucky his tour was only 6 months. He served in the Marine Corp 9 years and after his contract was up did not re-enlist. It is a relief knowing he won't be deployed again. We then bought a new home in Queen Creek to be closer to Keith's job. It was a huge 2 story right off a golf course, in the very neighborhood Keith was working. Keith worked in residential construction as a supervisor. However we were there only 8 months when Keith got a better job offer in Tucson. We moved to Tucson and have a home not much different from our first house, but on a much bigger lot. The bigger lot is a plus. There is lots of room for the 2 dogs and the 4 kids. Our fourth, Austin, arrived 5 months after moving to Tucson.
Keith is now in commercial construction as a project manager and will be going back to school in January. He is planning on getting his degree in mechanical engineering and then going on to medical school.
Charity is a full time mom (which includes cook, chauffeur, referee, personal shopper, maid, nurse, cheerleader, and of course a great hugger) and is finally going to finish her degree online through BYU Bachelor of General Studies Program. (About time!)
Carissa is in second grade and loves learning. She also enjoys dancing and learning the piano. She has been dancing since she was 3.
Daniel is in the 1st grade. He is enjoying trying out the different sports. He has tried baseball, soccer, basketball, and football. He likes football and basketball the best. He also wants to learn the guitar but mom says he has to learn the piano first.
Ariana is in preschool. She is pretty smart. She wants to do everything her older siblings do, so we are working on reading. I am pretty amazed at how well she has caught on to all the those rule exceptions. Kindergarten may be a little boring, but then again she is a socialite.
Austin is all boy! He is the biggest sports fanatic I know. He absolutely loves balls. He is 2 going on 10. He has to be the most self-sufficient child ever. If he were potty trained he wouldn't need me.